Walebing Scar Tree - A Heritage Story

As part of the process of re-structuring the Great Northern Highway Intersection in Walebing, 22 km east of Moora CK Maloney Surveying are carrying out 3d laser scanning of the Scar Trees located in the area of the construction site in order to preserve them and provide record to the Heritage Council.

Walebing Scar Tree
3D Laser Scan Point Cloud of the Walebing Scar Tree
Walebing scar tree Ck Maloney Surveying
Location Map of the Project Area

Scarred trees are trees which have had bark removed by Indigenous Australians for the creation of bark canoes, shelters, shields and containers, such as Coolamons. They are among the easiest-to-find archaeological sites in Australia.

Bark was removed by making deep cuts in a tree with a stone pick-axe or other similar tool. The area of bark removed is typically regular in shape, often with parallel sides and slightly pointed or rounded ends, and the scar usually stops above ground level. Australian native Eucalypt species such as