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CK maloney surveying civil and engineering survey
Civil and Engineering Survey

CK Maloney Surveying  has a vast experience in civil and engineering surveying. From high rise buildings, residential and commercial projects all the way to large scale civil subdivisions.

Ranging from road, drainage, sewer and retaining wall setouts our skills will ensure that there is no delay on your project,

CK maloney surveying lan development and subdivision
Land Development & Subdivision

Whether you require a feature survey for architectual extensions, subdivision approval or volume surveys, CK Maloney  Surveying can facilitate any of your requirements.

As a licensed practising surveyor in Western Australia we can re-establish any parcel of land for whatever requirements you have.

CK Maloney Surveying Laser scanning

From scanning pipes, steel, fascades and pretty much everything we can see. The use of scnning equipment is almost endless.


Being able to give your client a full 3D model of the completed project is just something else. Why are you still giving your clients 2D surveys?

CK Maloney Surveying Aerial Survey

Our team of fully insured, licensed and experienced UAV Controllers cut costs, deliver efficiencies and save time, being ready and able to assist Commercial, Construction, Industrial, Real Estate, Sports and Events organisations with aerial photography and videography services. 

CK Maloey Surveyng Dilapidaton surveys
Dilapidation Surveys

The Dilapidation Survey Report is a special purpose property assessment report undertaken to provide a visual assessment of constructional and cosmetic fabric defects, which are or may be related to movement of the structure or fabric of the subject property evident on the day of the inspection prior to the commencement of neighbouring construction works.

Each report will provide a photographic record of evident constructional or related defects.

CK Maloney Survying Project manaement
Project Management

Need help on a project? Our experienced team can consult from start to finish.

Book now to discuss your project

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