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Asked Questions

How much will the subdivision cost?

Unfortunately each subdivision costs differently to the last as each lot differs. Some fees such as lodgement fees remain fairly consistent. To avoid any surprises it is recommended that a budget of $30,000 is allocated to the process with the understanding that the project may cost more depending on the site situation.

CK Maloney Surveying can create and provide an interactive Working Calculation Sheet and Explanation of Costs tailored to your project and its progress.

Can you complete the subdivision process yourself?

The process of applying for the subdivision can be a confusing process. The paperwork and steps required to follow can be confusing to someone that has not  been involved in the process before. If mistakes are made in forms and lodged extra fees will be require to re-lodge the forms. The process can take longer if the client is the project manager compared to when a Licensed Surveyor is managing.

The CK Maloney Surveying team are happy to manage this portion of your project and are experienced in all aspects of form lodgement with the appropriate parties.

I have a mate that’s a Plumber/ Electrician/ Trades-person. Can he do the work?

A common question that is asked as typically the client can save money by using friends in the trades required for the project. The answer is yes, as long as they have the qualifications required for the job they are able to complete the tasks needed for your project.

Do you have contractors that you can recommend?

Yes, we have a contractors that we can recommend that provide high quality work.

Can I keep my existing house?

Keeping the existing house can be dependent on the lot. The house can be kept if the new lot is able to be created around the house. A battle axe or common property lot is able to be created if the lot to be created is behind the house. A 3m wide driveway access must be able to be created to allow for access to the rear lot.

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