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Globe Tavern Belmont

In April 2018, Focus Building were engaged by Perron Group Pty Ltd to deliver a new 162 car bay carpark and provide an extension to the Belmont Forum Shopping Centre to house the Sporting Globe Tavern franchise.


This project initially required the demolition of the existing 3,000m² Belmont Village Shopping Centre, safe removal of asbestos materials, substantial civil drainage works all within a busy operational public carpark and with minimal disruption or incident to the public and adjacent cinema and retail tenancies.


The carpark works included protection of the attached Western Power high voltage transformer compound and diversion and continued operation of existing carpark lighting. The Tavern site consisted of structural stabilisation and demolition works, creation of new Loading Bays and Compactor compound, removal and diversion of existing services, coordination with designers to minimise and overcome existing service obstacles and associated safety issues.


The tavern structure was utilised a mixture of AFS and concrete block walls, structural steel framing and exposed aggregate floor finishes and CFC and feature timber claddings.

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