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Subdivisions Set to Rise

With Councils re-zoning many areas across the Perth Metropolitan area, Perth is becoming a great place to invest in property development. Recently Councils are looking at infill projects meaning there is great opportunity to unlock wealth in current blocks through subdivision and build processes.

With state governments across Australia acknowledging the need to limit urban sprawl, fill the gaps within existing metropolitan areas and build higher-density housing on selected sites, many opportunities have opened up.

In August 2010, the Department of Planning and the Western Australian Planning Commission released Directions 2031 and Beyond, a report that proposed a more consolidated Perth, with an infill target of 47% of new housing. The report stated that 328,000 new dwellings would be needed by 2031. The 47% target translates to 154,000 of these. This target was a 50% increase on infill trends at the time.

What does this mean for you, the homeowner?

With a whole dedicated Subdivision team now available at CK Maloney Surveying we are excited to be able to assist in the subdivision process from start to finish, which can be a daunting project.

Our qualified team of Licensed Surveyors are able to manage your project entirely or help you along the way. They are also available to assess the potential for your current block and supply a report of feasibility for a subdivision.

We are excited to announce a series of Free Subdivision Information Sessions which can be signed up for here. Alternatively our team our more than happy to a organise a meeting at your request to discuss your project

CK Maloney Surveying are also excited to announce we can offer 12month interest free finance on your project*. This can enable you to commence your project immediately and unlock the potential value in the land.

Considering Subdivision?

12 months interest free finance*

🔹Are you considering subdividing and not sure about the process? 🔹Has your area been re-zoned and you would like to unlock some land profit potential? 🔹Would you like to be involved in the process or have it completely managed for you?

No need to wait - call now!

For your FREE consultation, simply call 1300 00 2567 or book one of our information sessions here

* To approved purchasers. Terms & Conditions apply.

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