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Shalom House Support

The CK Maloney Surveying team gave their time last weekend to mobilise all their equipment (and some family members) to the new ladies property for Shalom House Perth to carry out a feature survey for the whole property, all 98 beautiful acres.

Craig and Kelly offered to do pro bono with the staff generously working in their own time.

The feature survey is the next step towards getting on overall plan for the ladies property and as a result they have played a part in the future of Shalom House.

Craig recently reached out the Shalom House founder and Director Peter Lyndon-James to offer support to Shalom House by providing the survey free of charge ready for design and DA requirements.

The West Australian Shalom Group is a not for profit charitable organization which has as its main function, the oversight of Shalom House.

Shalom House is a residential rehabilitations centre for men, women & families located in the Swan Valley of WA, specializing in the treatment of drug and alcohol related ailments as well as other life-controlling problems. It was founded in 2012 by Peter Lyndon James, who had spent many years in and out of Children's Homes, Institutions and prisons for crimes which were the result of his drug addiction. It is built on the belief that every person can break free from addiction and that addiction is not a consequence of choice, but recovery is. Its aim is to restore to full functionality in the lives of men, women & families who choose the recovery option.

As well as residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation, the West Australian Shalom Group has other community outreach services available for residents within the program in the Perth Metropolitan region. These have been structured to meet the needs of men, women & families in our community where traditionally those needs have been downplayed or ignored by society.

They provide a safe and confidential environment for men, women & families to be able to speak about their life experiences and the personal battles they face without fear of criticism, and to get the emotional support that comes from finding that many others share the same battles. In sharing their experiences and finding solutions to the problems through the sharing, lives are changed, marriages restored, and people can rise up into their full potential

The ladies in the program had the opportunity to observe what Craig and his team do, getting the basic “how to” training on what they do. The ladies also shared mini testimonies and cooked the team a BBQ lunch.

It was an excellent day had by all with the perfect weather, beautiful open space, quad bike riding, yummy food and best of all getting to know Shalom house and the amazing work they do in the community.

CK Maloney Surveying is proud to be able to give back to those where we can, and look forward to a long relationship with the Shalom House group into the future, as they move through the development process.

Shalom House is, “Restoring the Lives of Men, Women & Families in our Community”

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