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The Future for East Wanneroo

The draft District Structure Plan (DSP) for East Wanneroo has been released by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) and is asking for your feedback. The DSP is hoping to convert the current rural setting into an urbanized area, completely revamping current residence preferences, work practices and methods of transportation – which includes a link in to the proposed METRONET system.

The proposal of 2 urban centres will include high density living situations around train stations with employment opportunities coming from the future retail core proposed to be 20 hectares in size. The DSP isn’t creating another residential jungle where it will be all brick and tile homes; five schools have been proposed, along with an industrial area, tourism opportunities and areas zoned to still live the rural lifestyle.

The DSP also allows for the conservation of existing wetlands and the proposal of bush-forever sites and parks/recreation reserves with emphasis on public enjoyment and education of these areas. A continuous ‘Parkland Link’ is included in the DSP that allows an ecological walk, or cycle, through lakes and wetlands and provides a nature based education.

The proposed DSP can be found here

Comments close 5pm on Friday 20 December 2019 and we urge everyone to submit their comment.

Comments can be emailed to with the subject line as “East Wanneroo District Structure Plan feedback” or by visiting and clicking the online submission form.

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