Adopting for the Future

CK Maloney Surveying are proud to be supporting the Rehabilitation of Koalas following the devastating fires seen in Australia this year. The fires are nothing we have ever seen in our beautiful country and have displaced residents and wildlife with some devastating consequence.

Meet Paul and Anwen! CK Maloney Surveying have adopted them to support Koala Hospital Port Macquarie in light of the devastating Bushfires!

Paul's Story (left)

This young male koala was the first live koala to be found at the Crestwood / Lake Innes Nature Reserve fire-ground.

Paul was found curled up on the burnt ground by a member of the public who brought him to the Koala Hospital.

Paul was severely dehydrated and had suffered burns to his hands and feet which usually occurs when the koala climbs down the burning trunk of the tree. His fur is also singed over 90% of his body

Anwen's Story (right)

This gentle young female koala was the third burn