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In Brighter News

In light of the unprecedented start to 2020 we have had, some brighter news has passed the desks of CK Maloney Surveying!

Following the devastating Bushfires we adopted some koalas through the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. We are excited to announce one of them has now been returned to her natural habitat!

Anwen was the first female koala brought into the Koala Hospital as a result of the devastating bushfires which ravaged the Mid North Coast of New South Wales and many other parts of Australia at the end of last year.

Anwen is about 4-5 years old, and had badly burnt hands, feet, arms and fur. For months she sat quietly in a basket in an intensive care unit. When it was decided her wounds had healed enough to no longer need dressing she was moved to an external, rehabilitation yard. Although quiet, she was active, cheeky and enjoyed moving around her enclosure and eating leaf.

Anwen has now been released back to her home range on 3rd April, 2020 which has regenerated beautifully thanks to the rain

Our other adpotee Paul has been rehabilitating well. Vitamin E cream is applied to his rump twice daily. He has become so accustomed to this that he raises his rump to receive the treatment....and it doesn't interrupt his afternoon tea! Paul still has a long recovery road ahead of him. He is gaining strength, although his claws are still growing. Without his claws he will have difficulty climbing trees, which greatly diminishes his survivability

Donations can still be made to the hospital at

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